Real Estate

Purchase and Sales Agreements

Are you looking to expand your business by finding a new office building? Maybe a piece of land to develop for specific use? Our team can help draft, negotiate, and review sales and purchase agreements. With over 20 years experience in real estate we have negotiated land contacts, net  properties, long term leases, and employee residences around the world.

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Leases and Landlord Tenant Issues

Are you having a dispute with your tenant or landlord? Are their issues with the condition of the current location? With experience managing properties and negotiating disputes with landlords, our team's experience in commercial and residential properties is unmatched in the field. We can pursue rent abatement, lease termination, and litigation recommendations to resolve issues with both landlords and tenants. Our experience can help alleviate your disputes. 

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Construction, Design and Architectural Agreements

Look to build a state-of-the-art property to meet your business needs? Our team has experience with design teams, architects, and contractors to help draft, negotiate, and establish terms that will be favorable for your business needs, property use, and development.